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Also the Resonance Induction Coupler Kit Part II for learning how to complete a Don Smith System.

It is not very often that industry sees a sudden, large leap forward when it comes to 100 year old technology. But once in a while, lightning strikes, and the effects on the industry's economy cannot be ignored. With a product line to cover anything from an "AAA" to an electric car battery, Renaissance Charge is pleased to bring to the marketplace the first battery chargers that radically reduce battery replacement costs while dramatically increasing battery capacity. 

Renaissance Charge is engaged in Research and Development, Sales, Promotion of Technology, and Education pertaining to healthy alternative energy. We sell very unique battery chargers, motor kits that are more than efficient battery chargers, and electronic parts related to the same technology. We design these products to meet our customer's needs. We educate the public extensively through many online forums, sales of educational kits, DVDs, books, while also holding frequent Workshop Conventions and frequent meetings to help people understand this technology.

The Renaissance process produces ideal battery charging for battery longevity, rejuvenation and capacity increase. Secondly, our processes can remove the BEMF in motor systems to allow for higher efficiencies. Thirdly, our charging motor systems allow for charging of larger battery banks of various voltage ranges when motors are not supposed to be chargers at all. Fourthly, our unique permanent magnet motor designs allow for added efficiency which also can add to a secondary charging process that sometimes is used to keep the primary source charged.

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