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4 Pole Mini DualPolar Magnet Motor Assembled

4 Pole Mini DualPolar Magnet Motor Assembled

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4 Pole Mini DualPolar Magnet Motor Assembled
Dual circuit to also run trigger coil circuit and additional pulser [+$20.00]
Second layer for double the power (only 1 extra rotor) [+$200.00]
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4 Pole Mini DualPolar Magnet Motor Assembled.
Now comes with one of the motor coils as a bifilar coil (where you can use the extra #26 ga wire as a trigger coil for the options mentioned below) 
and two Aluminum Rotors that allow you to push the motor much faster at higher voltages. Also new gate driver for improved efficiency.

4 Dualpole Mini Kit Instructions with options:

The kit will come just like as shown in the above video (and the second part of that video will show the options)(but with a new gate driver added), without the second board for the trigger coil unless you order that as an additional option for $20. The second part of the video shows all of the trigger coil details. The kits will now be sold with one of the motor coils as a bifilar coil so that the motor can be used about 6 or so different ways: 1. regularly with all motor coils with the hall/mosfet switching (trigger wires on the one coil not being used), 2. 1 to 3 coils running with the hall/mosfet switching while the trigger coil and/or 2 other coils running with its own circuit off the same input battery charging its own battery directly so that it is negatively charged, 3. or charged through the capacitor pulser so that it is positively charged, 4. Or running it to the same charging battery through a pulser to make the charge all positive instead of mixed in the main charging battery. 5. or adding the 3rd stage process before that battery to allow for self-running and more output yet, 6. Or all coils running together with the trigger coil with no hall/mosfet triggering.
There is a new option to double stack this motor (note that you only need one extra rotor to do this).

You can also run all coils from the trigger coil and not use the Hall/Mosfet switching as I show with my one model.

Older Assembly Instructions Video:

Kit as it formerly was Assembled with Aluminum Rotors.

Motor shown below with only one motor and one generator coil out of four.

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