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BC Canada Free Energy Convention Dec15-16 2023

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Renaissance Charge British Columbia Free Energy Convention

We are having two days of meetings in Vanderhoof  British Columbia on Dec 15th to 16th 2023. This will be the second Canadian meeting we have held.

Learn about alternative energy solutions, and how to rejuvenate and keep batteries working. We cover many topics such as various kinds of unconventional free energy systems, over unity patents and history, motor and solid state models, Don Smith technology, little-known Tesla processes, magnet motors and much more. Our goal is to teach Free Energy principles and true scientific methodology so that you do not have to depend upon anyone else. Part of this is learning about what not to do, which can actually be most important. Most people in this research are merely guessing and hoping to stumble upon something that gives them what they are looking for. But if you do not know what you are looking at, or how to evaluate what you have, how will you know if you have something useful or not? We also cover subjects like why people fail, the psychological problems, and the damaging effects of bad actors. 

We have done up to sixty different demonstrations in one meeting. There is about two months worth of information to share so each meeting is therefore shaped for the people that come. We have been doing these meetings all over the US and in Europe and Canada since 2010. These are personal meetings that end up creating quality relationships with others of like mind and interest. 

$200 includes two half days and one full day.

No phones or electronic devices will be allowed during the meetings and can be kept secured outside the meeting room as we will inform before the meeting.

Day One  (Friday Dec 15)

Day Two (Saturday Dec 16)

  • The Renaissance Charger Controller
  • The Renaissance Resonance Induction Coupler Kit
  • The Renaissance Resonance Induction Coupler Kit Part 2
  • The New 8 Magnet 4 coil Window motor 
  • The Renaissance Chargers/Rejuvenators
  • The DualPole Motor Energizers
  • The Magnet Motor Energizers
  • The Brushless Fan Energizers
  • The Overunity Demonstrations

Watch as we demonstrate Tesla related technology, motors of various sizes powering lights, fans, generators, etc., while charging batteries at around the same rate as the batteries powering the motors are discharging. 

In one video we show a clip from one of the last meetings where over 120 coils were powering LEDs from just 1W input. We showed 300 coils at the Orland meeting.


Shows the 4 DualPole running an industrial fan,12" motor with 10KW generator,
and 10 Coiler and mini 4 DualPole in self-running mode.


Last weekend (2016) we had the best Convention Workshop ever. It was a small meeting due to being the holiday season but it was enjoyed by all. The highlight of the meeting were two different motors running while their batteries were charging. That is, not only were the secondary output batteries charging, but the primary batteries powering the motor were also kept in a charging state as additional loads were placed on the output of the motor. We also gave the background information about what we were doing with the system. We started off the meeting showing the little mini magnet motor kit powering the mini DualPole kit, and then later the mini DualPole kit self-sustained while we added various LED loads on the output. Later we ran the 10 coiler DualPole kit with only 2 of the motor coils hooked up to circuits. 8 motor coils and 10 generator coils were not connected (due to lack of time) but placed a significant load on it. The motor was run at 24 volts and around 5-6 Amps. Three 9000 lumens 100W LEDs were powered and a stove top cooking element was heated on the front side of the circuit, while 24V of golf-cart batteries were being charged on the secondary side. When we added another 'open paths' process to the system everyone could see the three LEDs go to full brightness, the primary battery stop discharging, and two 11000 lumens LEDs go to full brightness (we had to cover them they were so bright). This demonstration ended up damaging one of my clamp ampere-meters due to the very amplified negative energy intensity. We also showed how the industrial 12” magnet motor can power a 10KW generator while charging batteries. Also shown was the larger 4 DualPole motor running a large industrial fan at variable speeds with our water-cooled mosfet controller. The setup represented a forced air heating or cooling and lighting system. We powered 4 100W LEDs very brightly with the generator coils at the same time. The motor was run on 24V of 35AH batteries up to 50A and charged two more of the same batteries at the same time.

Renaissance Charge, LLC.

  1. To learn about cutting edge technology that is changing the world.
  2. To meet other like-minded people and make personal and business connections.
  3. To participate in workshops where we build these systems together the right way.
  4. To have good times and to be amazed!

Chicago March 2015 Meeting

The Ten Coiler DualPole Motor in the new configuration.

Presenting the Renaissance Charger collection.

Going over the details about battery charging.

Which box are you in?

Explaining the operation of the 10 Dualpole Motor.

Contact us at [email protected] to arrange to bring your batteries to be used and/or rejuvenated during the meetings.



Renaissance Porsche shown in CDA Idaho 2011

Renaissance Boat demonstrated in CDA IDAHO 2011