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August 1968

Designex Inc. Chief Engineer Ieuan Thomas inspects the unique generating device installed in the basement of their offices at 49 Merton Street, Toronto, Canada


Please allow me to share this rare Polaroid photo of the actual “Zero Fuel Engine System,” aka “Cold Heat Engine System,” taken by my father at the property at Merton Street in Toronto, Canada on the day of the “Merton Street Incident.”
At some time in the future, when you have expressed an interest in this “Incident” I’ll share the blow-by-blow interplays that episode with you. This episode is a Movie in itself.
I arrived there (at the Merton Street location ) at about 2 PM, and witnessed the Toronto Hydro Supervisor, red-faced and angry, sending for a huge flat-bed truck and a Work Crew, who arrived and confronted my father, Ieuan Thomas and Gordon Reilly and six other Designex Senior Scientists, before removing the Hydro Power Meter, Fuse Box and All Toronto Hydro Wiring into and out of that Building, in a futile attempt to shut-off all “electricity” and “Electricity Use Inside the Building,” which did not happen.
The lights, radio, refrigerator and other electric appliances kept right on working, and this enraged the Toronto Hydro Supervisor because Dr. “Bert” England and Ian Taws were making jokes about their inability to “Shut Off The Electricity” and told them all that this “Machine” was the equivalent of a small “Niagara Falls” Power Source.
It took several hours for the Toronto Hydro to Cut Down the new Concrete Hydro Utility Pole and remove all the wiring and Toronto Hydro Apparatus from that building, and it was getting dark as that Flat Bed Truck drove away with the Concrete Pole and everything else which had connected the Toronto Hydro Power Source to the Building on Merton Street. This was “Street Theatre” worthy of  a Movie with Robert Redford, Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise and Clint Eastwood.
At that time, Ontario Premier Bill Davis was the Premier Of Ontario, and Gordon Reilly’s younger brother was the Minister of Commerce in the Conservative Cabinet of Ontario Premier Bill Davis. It was quite a “Power Conflict.” Gordon Reilly was a Multi-Millionaire Real Estate Developer who was also a Member of the Granite Club.
The Toronto Hydro had responded to a complaint from the National Cash Register Corporation which was located several long blocks east of the “Subject Building” which was located on the South side of Merton Street while the National Cash Register Offices were on the North Side of Merton Street.
The complaints were based on “static electricity shocks” received by several of the women students who were attending Classes on how to “Operate Cash Registers.”
We all felt very sympathetic. Even Dr. “Bert” England had no idea about how to control these unexpected consequences, or even be sure that these electric phenomena were connected to his conjuring up “Negative Radiant Energy” via this Machine Apparatus you see here in this photo.
They (the men from Designex ) had removed the Furnace ( it was August ) and installed the machine where the furnace had been, under the chimney.

—Sgd: William Doyle
(his father was the exclusive
outside finance provider for
Designex Inc.)

In a wide-ranging 1973 interview with the late Chief Engineer Ieuan Thomas, this DVD tells the story of the development of this device. Designex Inc. were a leading aerospace design firm in Toronto at the time.

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