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Mini Magnet Motor with bigger coils and double mosfet Hall circuit

Mini Magnet Motor with bigger coils and double mosfet Hall circuit

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This kit was first revealed at our Renaissance Aug 2015 Free Energy Convention.

Below video shows the mini motor with bigger coils that the basic model and the mosfet circuit powering a hovercraft.

This kit can be used for numerous experiments and is perfect for the student of all ages. It can be used for remote control Watercraft applications as replacing the motor as shown in the above video. The motor self starts and reaches very high rpm if no load is placed on shaft. We recommend this only for a loaded application like a large prop or connected to gears otherwise the motor will spin too fast and could break apart. We have had this up to around 50,000 rpm and it could break apart at such speeds. We ran this with the 7.2V battery and RC mosfet controller in the Watercraft and RC Hummer with no problems. Running at 12V was very powerful and definitely needs a load on the motor at all times and/or a case around the motor. We also glue or epoxy the magnets once they are fitted into the molding and then wrap nylon tape around the magnets many times to prevent the magnets from breaking at high rpms. 

No speed control is provided with this as it is assumed that a varying voltage circuit will be used to control the motor power. We can create one for additional expense but it is assumed this kit is for people wanting to replace the conventional motors in their RC vehicles for something that can put out more than twice the energy. 

The parts in this kit are as follows and in this picture:

No light or prop or speed control included but you can order the 100W LED here.
Six rare earth Neo magnets 2" x 0.5" x 1/16"
2 halves of a rotor
2 side supports
2 bearings
1 shaft
2 #18 wire coils
S.S. hardware

2 Circuit boards
2 Mosfets
2 Diodes
2 Optos
2 Hall switches
4 Resistor
Other related parts.

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