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Mini Mosfet, Driver, Hall updated circuit

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Part Number:Mini Mosfet driver

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Mini Mosfet, Driver
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Comes assembled.
This is for our new mini mosfet driver circuit that replaces the 10k ohm resistor off the mosfet to more rapid turn on and off the mosfet for greater efficiency in motor power and charging output (higher spike). 
This is for our 4 dualpole mini kits as well as the beefed up mini window motor kit with the dual mosfets and 18ga wire coils. It can be used with the speed control, and will be now added to the speed controller system we also sell. 
It can also be used to run the mosfet at 24V, provided that the positive input wire to the gate driver/opto circuit remains only 12V (voltage regulators can be used if wishing to run input at higher voltages and not have to have separate wires to do this). 
The mosfet is also updated with improved performance, higher voltage capabilities, and greater power potential. Different mosfets can be used for more power if you desire. The gate driver must match the mosfet however. A heatsink is not needed with this setup on the mini kit until you go up higher than 24V or really load down the motor to draw more than 2A continuous (in that case you want to watch the coils so that they don't melt down on you). Typically you can draw high amps (noticeably 6-8A at startup, but actually peak Amps is much higher shown with the right meters). 
What is included is 1 mosfet, 1 gate driver, 1 opto, 1 Hall switch, 1 circuit board, 1 IC socket, and wires, capacitors, fast diode, etc.
We'll offer the same sort of thing with the bigger kits shortly which will allow for a significantly reduced cost of the kits.

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