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RC-1KW24 Renaissance 24V 1kw Solar Charge Controller

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Ships in July 2018.
The RC-1KW24 is a new idea in solar charging. Until now, all solar charge controllers ruined batteries faster than in most any other charging environments because they are not only charging with constant current but are pushing the batteries back and forth between charging and loading. This causes the battery plates to rapidly become damaged. To reduce this rapid damage to batteries people are forced to spend a lot more money for very large battery banks. Instead of this high cost in replacing your batteries every few years we recommend using the Renaissance charging technology that has not only rejuvenated most useless batteries (when so charged) over the last 11 years but allows people to have the peace of mind in knowing that a non-destructive method is being used to charge their batteries. What we have seen over the last 11 years is that all over the world customers have been using this technology 24/7 to bring back around 80% of useless batteries and see completely opposite effects from conventional processes upon batteries over time. 

We do not worry about cycling our batteries as we have seen them increase in capacity many times. After usage we find our Renaissance charged batteries have higher charged resting voltages which translates to more useable capacity. But it is not just on the high side that we see such gains. We also see real capacity gains at the lower voltages where people never expect to run their batteries down to. Normally a 12 volt battery rapidly drops off when discharged to 10.5V. Since there is normally litttle useable power lower than 10.5V inverters are made to turn off at that voltage with a warning buzzer coming on at 11V. But we have found that after Renaissance charging we have seen real capacity gains all the way down to 0V, and we do not damage our batteries with deep discharges or cycling. 

In the near future we hope to modify existing Low Frequency inverters and set the low voltage cut-off much lower so that you can use another 1.5V or more from your banks. This decreases battery cost with significantly more AH or run time. 

Another important thing to consider is voltage drop under big loads. This is what most people fail to consider. A battery will drop in voltage under load according to the amount of the load. So if you have a relatively small battery bank and run a big load through your inverter, if it is big enough the voltage drop will be lower than 10.5V and the inverter will turn off. The battery is not actually discharged but the voltage drop is lower than the inverter cut-off 10.5V (or 21V for the 24V battery bank systems). This is more problematic the more discharged the battery is when you attempt to power a big load. In our manual we will go over all the details you need to know about getting the right size panels, batteries, wire and parts, and we will explain how it works. The Renaissance charging system can allow batteries to be significantly loaded so that if lower voltage applications are used (such as with DC loads like motors), or if inverters can have lower cut-off voltages, then you can access a lot more of the charge in your batteries. 

Another feature we have added to this charger is that we turn off the inverter before it turns itself off. When your batteries reach the low voltage cut-off inverters usually turn themselves off and will not turn back on until you flip the switch. We have made the charger to prevent this so that in the case of low voltage the system will shut down till there is enough light to charge the batteries again and turn the system back on. In most cases the inverter then will turn on without having to turn on the switch. This is important for people who are not present to be able to turn on inverters again. 

The RC-1KW24 is a 1KW (kilowatt) 24V two battery bank system. This means you have 1000W of solar panels arranged for charging 24V battery banks which are used to power 1KW of load. There are two battery banks so that no battery is ever being charged while it is being used as a load. During the day the batteries are cycled around between charging and loading and at night the two banks are brought together to provide maximum load. The batteries are also being rested several times every hour. This is the only way to properly charge batteries in solar/wind/hydro systems. 

Comes in an 8" steel case with external 5/16" bolt terrninals for Solar, inverter/output, and two battery bank connections. 
Shipping weight approximately 9 lbs in a 10 x 8 x 6" box.
Limited 1 year warranty.