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Testimonies RC-1AU

Testimonial RC 1AU

Renaissance Charger RC-1AU VoltTestimonial RC 1AU

Mar 7, 2011

Hey Steve [Young],

Thank you again for the battery fix for my kenwood. Dick Zavits has had it for close to 5 months without charging. I got it back last week and put it on the radio. Without charging for 5 months it still lasted close to 6 hours. After I recharged it, the radio stayed powered for close to 24 hours. Radio started beeping the low battery alert at about 23 hours. All I can say is amazing!!!

In my radio vault I run an Optima red top. There are two red tops but I believe the one I have is the higher capacity of the two.

I currently run everything directly from the battery. This includes a GE MASTR II 30 watt repeater, a RC-210 repeater controller, 2 small cooling fans that draw about .5 amps each and a Motorola CDM 1250 25 watt UHF mobile link radio. The battery is charged on demand by a SAMLEX SEC1230A switching power supply.

 On a monthly basis I unplug the power supply and go to battery only. When the system gets to 10 volts, the repeater controller shuts down the cooling fans then the link radio then the repeater in that order as voltage continues to drop. The last test I did, everything ran for almost 48 hours. I plugged it back in when it reached 11 volts.

I found a large capacity AGM in which I will be purchasing two of. These batteries along with a good power supply and solar system will last a long time given decent skies.

I’m not a battery genius or a solar genius and am looking for guidance on a good solar array to charge these new batteries to near full capacity during the day so they will run without issue all night with heavy repeater use during a disaster major power outage.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks Steve,

Chris Nichols


Flamingo Heights

Feb 12, 2010

I have personally used all the chargers in my lab on my farm and am getting ready to install the controller into my off grid system on my straw bale house. They work very well for power tool batteries, flashlight rechargeable, car batteries, T-105 Trojans, L16 Trojans and large banks of batteries hooked in series, up to 144 Volts.

I personally have restored over 100 different batteries that were either from the landfill or ready for disposal. I have had my mechanic verify their efficacy also as he was ready to re-place my wife's battery with a new $76.00 one and checked out her old one before and after and said after the R-charge treatment it was better than the new one he was going to put in.

Owen Mullen
Sandpoint, Idaho

Jan 28, 2010

Wonder Valley Fire Station
80526 Amboy Rd. 29 Palms CA 92277

Renaissance Charge,
To whom it may concern;
We perchased a charger, model# 1AU for my handheld radios for my firefighters. To this date it has proven very cost effective. I used to have to replace batteries at least once a year.
I'm trying to rotate out some batteries with our other stations within the San Bernardino County FIre Districts so that we can save money for our budgets.
I'll be contacting Steve Young for any and all additional purchases from your company to obtain any information we may need.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Best Regards;

Starlene Javier
District Services Coordinator
Wonder Valley / CSA70-M


Sept. 9, 2009

Dear Renaissance charge,
I have been using two of your products now for about one year now with great succes and joy, restoring batteries on a daily basis. We use the RC 2A12 as well as the RC 1AU for reviving motorcycle batteries in the 6-20AH range and now are increasingly using the 2A12 to charge 50AH VRLA batteries that are being used in electric scooters. Since these batteries are responding so well to their treatment, we have seen increases in capacity from around 26AH to more than 35AH, where new ones supply about 40AH (C10 discharge).

In our business of electronic two wheelers, mostly scooters but we are also dealer of the Vectrix motorbike and scooters, we see an increasing demand for radiant charging to extend the life of these batteries that have a pretty hard life. I have been promoting your products for some time now and various fellow competitors are asking me to revive their batteries as well. As a result we are looking into opportunities to extend our business toward commercially reviving these type of batteries for electric vehicles. Although the 2A12 is doing a pretty good job at the larger 50AH batteries I think it's time for me to order the 30A12 to speed up the process of rejuvenating these units.

Kind Regards,

Floris Grootendorst

Cordless phone battery test: nearly double

Tuesday, January 6, 2009 12:22 PM
I tested my cordless phone batteries on the R-Charge device the other day and found significant improvement (nearly twice the usage per charge) after three runs on the charger.
I should note that coincidentally, when I pulled the batteries off the R-Charge device, and put them on the phone, I had nearly the identical amount of usage as before I used the R-Charge device. I thought, "Darn, another dud." But then it occurred to me that the R-Charge device was not programmed to bring the batteries up to their full charge, so I then slapped them on the regular charger, and that is when the usage when up to nearly twice what it was before.
The same did not hold true of the Makita power tool batteries. When put on the factory charger, they still gave the same amount of usage as before I put them on the R-Charger.
So I now have a positive experience to chalk toward the R-Charge product.
It was quite tricky hooking up the cordless phone battery. I happened to have some 22-gauge magnet wire kicking around from the Bedini SG experimenting I was doing a few years ago, and I scratched the coating off the ends of it so I could push it down into the female connector. I wouldn't call it "easy" by any stretch. That told me that this product is probably best used by those who are mechanically inclined, not for the lay person. Not yet, anyway. In the future, to make it more user-friendly, a line of adaptors could be developed for interfacing with the connectors on various products, along with product-specific instructions from a user-populated database.
Below are my notes:
Sterling D. Allan
[email protected]
Founder and Executive Director of PES Network Inc

June 27, 2009

I have Radio Shack ni-cad 3.6V 850mAh replacement batteries for two  Panasonic phone handsets.  They were about four months old and had been recharged several times before I got the RC-1AU small battery charger.  They were lasting about 40 hrs,  a little less than 2 days, with an average low amount of usage.  After 5-6 charges with the RC-1AU, they starting lasting approx 3 1/2 days between charges.  This does depend on total talk time. If I'm on the phone with one handset a lot more than normal,  they will  run down sooner than the 3 1/2 days, but they still last a lot better than a normal charge.....

I have a Q-Beam 1 Million candle power flash light with a 6V 4.5Ah SLA and a back up,   They last much longer with a RC-1AU charge,  than with a normal charge. The flash light is noticeably brighter after a RC-1AU charge,  than a normal charge.

I also have several small LED flash lights that use 3 or 4 AAA 1.2V 700mAh Ni-Mh batterys.  I recharge them using a Radio Shack AAA 3 or 4 battery holder tray,  to charge them in,  all at the same time, so that a second set of freshly charged batteries can be put back in the flash light and used while the 1st set charges. They are also noticeably brighter after a RC-1AU charge.

I also use Radio Shack  AA 2100mAh  Ni-Mh  and  Energizer AA 2450mAh  Ni-Mh in various remote controls, etc.... and am having good results with them not needing to be charged very often,  compared to replacing regular throw away batterys.... I recharge them using Radio Shack AA  2,  3, or 4 battery holder trays, so they all charge at the same time as a set, for something needing a set of that many batteries.....

Clinton Stafford

Fort Worth, TX

April 6, 2009

Most of my experience is with the RC-1 AU…

I am a dentist and use several Ni Cad battery packs for curing dental materials with
LEDs. As you might imagine this task takes fairly high currant. These batteries are
rather expensive also. I have used this charging unit, using the radiant charging
techniques as developed by John Bedini. These batteries not only have been “brought back
to life” but the useful time after charging is extended with just occasional application
of radiant charging! Thanks to everyone, this is a true jump in technology !

Carter W Rae D.D.S.


April 5 2009

As another testimony, I have gotten use of over $500 in rechargeable tools back.  They had bad chargers, or the NiCD packs wouldn't charge for some reason or another.  Here is the list:
Five Star Multi Tool, had 3 dead 18V packs sitting for 4 years with a broken charger.  Now all 3 18V packs charge up, and work great. Original cost over $300 Black and Decker skill saw and "sawsall" type saw.  I don't know if the battery pack was beyond charging or the charger was broken, but I could't charge the battery pack I had.  Now after charging I have more power then when I purchased them which was at an estate sale for $125. Power Drill, wouldn't charge, 7.2V pack.  Works great now.  arround $50 Ryobi cordless screwdriver, dead internal pack original price over $30


February 16, 2009

I recently bought a RC-1AU from you and it is awesome.


Richard Ray

February 3, 2009

Dear Rick, John Bedini,

I am glad you could place such great products as the Radiant charger
RC-1AU on the global market place already! In this way I hope to support a little bit the
important developments done by John Bedini, Tom Bearden and co-workers
and developers to enable everyone to tap on the free energy from the quantum vacuum,
waste less resources and contribute positively to the environment.

Could start using the charger from January 23, 2009 in Tokyo Japan.
It rejuvenated 4 Sealed Lead Acid batteries by "Japan Storage Battery Co. Ltd.",
type PORTALAC PXL12090 12V/9AH which were
running already 5 Years in an APC Smart UPS 1500VA.
According to the APC Smart unit battery status indicator these batteries had to be replaced
this January.
Charged all 4 batteries separately in charge mode 5, 12V 2-4AH successfully -
taking about 40 Minutes each. They are back in use in the APC Smart UPS.

On the 31st of January rejuvenated two 10 year old NiMH cells in my
Philishaver 3870 which wouldn't hold charge anymore in the normal way.
Since 3 years ago this electrical shaver could only be used attached to the grid.
Now it can be used cordless again with sufficient driving power.

On the 1st of February 2009 rejuvenated a Sanyo 2.4V/600mAh NiCd batterypack
of an old  Sanyo cordless phone set picked up from from the garbage
collection depot of our mansion dated 2000/July.
These batteries were especially interesting to test because both 1.2V
cells were showing 0V on the Volt meter. This might be the reason why
the previous Japanese owner had thrown his phone set away. Trying to
charge them would cause the charge indicator flash in red.
Per advise from the RC-1AU manual kept the VDB button
pressed for 60 seconds after which the charge indicator went into solid
red! A few hours later it went green and the Voltmeter's reading was 2.6
V instead of zero! I use the pack now in our own 5 year old Sanyo
cordless phone set for endurance testing.
This more than 8 year old pack was almost doomed to be recycled in
a more destructive way. Don't regret took it out from the garbage collection depot.

On February 2, charged a 7.2V @160mAh battery pack from an electric model helicopter,
picked up from the garbage collection depot (based on 6 GP Batteries NiMH 16AAAM cells)
successfully in charge position 1.
With this powerpack charged in the radiant way this model helicopter can fly again.

cheers and best regards,

Fred J.G. , Tokyo Japan

January 17, 2009

Hello John :)

I followed your work over the last ten years, so when you were actually able to create a product line using your years of research, I was elated. I purchased an RC-1AU , and have used it on everything in the house that is rechargeable. Cordless telephones, Ski-Doo Electric divers propeller, and especially the newer longer lasting Nickel-metal-hydride batteries, all kinds of cordless power tools. The claims hold up for the increased run times too !
2 - 2.5 times the normal run time is typical... Final Electronics have made the transfer from being limited to electrical engineering that has been held in a lobotomized state for the
past 120 years !!!
If I was not a disabled veteran, I would be sending you my resume' ...


Alexander J. Federowicz, U.S.A.F., D.A.V.

January 8, 2009

David Luke
1112 Beach Court
Ft. Pierce, Florida 34950


I wish to thank you for your great products.  I have been listening to the development rumors about John Bedini and his battery chargers for some time.  When Tony Craddock announced that they were in production and for sale, I purchased the large 30 Amp 12 volt unit.  Shortly after, I purchased the 1AU for charging cordless tool batteries.

First, I found the large 30 amp system was going to pay itself out in literally no time.  My intention was to build a solar bank and try to keep the costs down.  Frankly, common sense says that spending $1,500 for a battery charger is a bit contrary to that effort.  However, after taking the time to put a half dozen lead-acid batteries that were non-functional, back into service—I saw that I could find and bring into service older discarded batteries for a “near free” battery bank for my solar system.  I am now doing that.  The ‘repair’ time on these batteries has ranged from 12 hours on a smaller lead acid battery, to 4 days on a ‘pair’ of T105 Trojan batteries that are part of this solar build.

While this was going on, I started using the 1AU on my cordless tool batteries that were no longer functional—the ones that I kept hoping some day to replace the batteries in…
What I found was that some of these batteries (the ones that would no longer drive my tools at all) were “open”, that is to say, they could not give or receive current.  I did a couple of ‘dissections’ and found that the commercial chargers had driven off the electrolyte leaving the batteries unable to take a charge—these I discarded at a Home Depot.  The other batteries for these power tools-- I have completely ceased using the manufacturer’s  charger on and only use the 1AU to charge them.  The batteries charged with the 1AU have come back to full (or better) power, and they seem to run longer and produce more work while running.  I am more than satisfied with this unit.

So, suffice it to say that I am way ahead economically with the purchase of your two separate battery chargers.  They were well worth the expense.  I have also gained some economic freedom in their use.

Thank you,
David Luke

December 13, 2008


I have received the rc-1au charger this week .

It work's beautifully, i have resurected some dead aaa nimh battery. . . Well I suppose I am one of the first in France to have this beauty. . . I wish you the best for these products.

Free energy forum is my every day  feast , and I hope with the new Obama administration, these technoligies will ramp up quickly.
Toussaint Francois

Hi Rick,

Thank you for getting back to me and the info. I am charging up 'everything' - the cat better keep out of the garage! Excellent results, as you say just give the charger time and the battery is sorted - great. After Christmas I will be considering purchasing 3 more chargers. Thank you again and a Happy Holiday (we call it Christmas) to you and yours.

Best wishes

Ray Atkins,
Cork, Ireland.

July 31 2008


My small company has spent a lot of money on cordless drills over the past 10 years, just to get new batteries.

My manufacturing company has been using the Renaissance RC-1AU-120 charger for our five year old 14.4V cordless drill batteries. 6 out of 8 batteries are performing like new. The $320 charger saved me over $600 in new batteries.

The RC-1AU-120 charger is the only charger I allow employees to use on any battery. All traditional chargers are boxed up and sitting on the shelf. Everyone is simply amazed. Friends and family started bringing in old batteries... I've started telling them to "get their own charger".

Thank you guys for bringing such and innovative line of products to market!

~Steve Wygant

Jul. 7, 2008

My latest battery testing results are nothing short of historic (in my opinion).

Battery Charger used; Renaissance Charger (model no. RC-1AU-120 Universal Rechargeable Battery Charger)

Batteries tested; Sanyo Eneloop AA (world's first pre-charged rechargeable battery and widely considered to be the longest lasting batteries in the world)

Results so far; After 2 radiant charge cycles the picture-taking capacity has gone from 500+/- (on the original charge) to about 1000+/- and getting better.

I will upload a screen shot of my spreadsheet data soon for more clarification but these results are stunning to begin with. Just imagine that the bigger chargers sold by Renaissance also use the radiant pulse-charging technique and so electric car batteries are subject to these kinds of results also. THIS, and THIS alone could be the foundation for a completely new 'green' movement and usher in an era of TRUE sustainability.
jasonanthonybc - 2:27 PM

July 3 2008

[Update April 2009: Using the 1AU on my cell phone lithium battery brought it back to lasting three days when it would only give me 1 day.]

I have purchased two battery chargers from Renaissance Charge. The first was 12V charger model # RC-2A12-2. After the success I had with the first charger, I purchased the universal rechargeable battery charger model #RC-1AU-120. I want to thank you for your fine products.

After purchasing the first charger this winter, I saw what it could do. I had an approximately 3 year old battery on my ATV. The battery would not stay charged after multiple attempts with an ordinary motorcycle battery charger. I could get the battery to start the ATV immediately after the charge, but by the next day, it was inoperable. After the Renaissance charger was used, the battery is as good as it was new. I have used it for months and it works impeccably.

When I heard that the company was coming out with a charger that would charge nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium, I was eager to purchase one. I was very impressed after a drill battery of mine was brought back to useable service. The battery was over 17 years old and was all but useless. It only gave a few minutes of service before becoming so weak it could not be used. I had given up on it and had laid it aside to be recycled or discarded. After using your charger, it is as good as new. It is powerful and useful.

Thank you for your excellent products. I am a very satisfied customer.

David L. Nichols
Whitefish, MT

June 19 2008
My father in-law is absolutely in love with his RC-1AU-120. The battery in his electric weed eater has increased charge density (based on running time) of about 110% after just 8 or 9 charge cyles. We have charged all manner of 12v & 18v tool batteries, back-up power supply batteries, 1,000,000 candlelight power flashlight batteries, cordless phone battery packs, etc. The results are just stunning and it won't be long before every guy I know will have one or want one.

By the way we're also charging the latest and greatest NiMH batteries produced by Sanyo called Eneloop(google it). The world's 1st pre-charged rechargeable battery product. They claim that they're battery will retain at least 80% of it's initial charge capacity after 1 year's time. Of course that mean's they've already resigned us to a dying product but it will die more slowly. OK. My 1st set of batteries lasted for 285 pictues in my brand new digital camera on their original charge. So after 1 year I should still get about 228 pictures per conventional charge. That's not bad I guess, except that after one radiant charge on the RC-1AU-120 the batteries lasted for 513 pictures. I've only just radiantly charged it a second time, so I'm snapping away again. Who would've thought that charging batteries could be this much fun!


Jason Anthony & Mark Lyon
Vancouver, BC

June 18 2008
I'm glad to say that I have received my new universal charger and have successfully revived a 7.6V cordless drill battery.


June 10 2008
I have attached a graph showing the results of testing the Renaissance Charger RC-1AU-240.


The testing was done on a 5 year old 18V 2.4Ah NiCd portable drill battery.

Whilst the battery still has one shorted cell and one weak cell (out of 15 cells), the RC-1AU-240 was able to recover this battery that would not hold a charge with the original charger. After firstly charging on a lower (12V) setting where only 10 cells were visible I was then able to charge the battery on the full 18V setting where the battery's capacity increased by over 250%! This battery was destined for the dump, but has now been placed back in service - saving over $200 that would have been spent to replace it.

John K. (Australia)

May 9 2008
Thanks, I recieved it and put it test right away! I was able to recharge an old and tired Porter Cable 18V battery and even after the first charge I can tell it's got more guts than it should have normally. So far great product.


April 14 2008
Wow! I can't believe the power that is now in that battery. It was a weak drill before. I had to push so much harder than I do now. I am so impressed. So amazing.

Joan Reed, Coeur D'Alene