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Testimonies RC E-Car

Renaissance Charger RC-1AU VoltTestimonial RC 1AU


This is the second generation Renaissance Street Electric Vehicle Charger for
144V battery banks. Final production model may work on battery banks ranging
from as low as 100V to 144V.

For the second time Renaissance Charge, LLC. has taken batteries off the work
bench out of the lab into the real world and driven daily to experience what our
customers have experienced over the years.

So far the batteries in our new Porsche Electric Vehicle conversion are
noticeably gaining with the new prototype Renaissance 144V E-Car charger.
Normally the battery bank would be losing usable capacity with conventional
charging. The amount will depend on how deeply discharged. Deeply discharging
batteries will result in them loosing all capacity in 6 months to 3 years as
golf-cart and the like owners have found. On the other hand we have seen these
batteries gain in the electric car with daily driving for the last 4 months. We
could only charge them up to 165V when we first started in November (with brand
new batteries) and slowly the voltage has risen so that today it is 190.9V under
top charge in the coldest temperatures. Also, we now start out with higher
settled or resting voltages and drive under load with several volts higher in
the battery bank than when we started driving. And a change in temperature from
November to the present from 60F to 5F means 60% or so less power out of these
batteries. Nevertheless the voltages are higher, and the power remains.

In our experience customers all over the world have told us that in 12 months of
daily driving, with conventional chargers, they have lost half their driving
range, for example from 50 miles starting to then being limited to a 25 mile
range. This lead us to say that the electric vehicles were 'a rich person's
hobby' for the most part.

But all that has changed, as well as the need to abandon lead acid batteries for
toxic, expensive, and dangerous lithium batteries. Now they can stand the test
of time with Renaissance chargers in even these most abusing of of load

All over the world companies are coming out with new electric vehicles.
Everywhere people complain about the costs of battery replacement. There is no
real solution in replacing petroleum fueled vehicles with electric no matter
what they tell you. These will still cause pollution and cost about the same all
things considered. But now we have made it possible to change all of that. Now
most of the useless lead-acid batteries out there can be brought back to usable

Save the earth from the toxic and hazardous dangers of lithium batteries. Save
your money as well. Try our Renaissance Chargers today and clean up the earth
while you save your money! Help us make the difference everyone talks about but
does not have the ability to realize.

So we will be making a whole new line of Electric Vehicle chargers this winter
for almost every vehicle need. All this to be available by the July 29-31st
Renaissance Convention here in Coeur D Alene Idaho. Chargers include 5A 36V,
48V, and 60V Electric Bicycle chargers; 36-48V golf-cart and small forklift
charger; large 36-48V forklift charger; 60-100V Street Electric Vehicle charger
and finally the above mentioned Street Electric Vehicle charger in the voltage
range of 100-144V.

Rick Friedrich
Renaissance Charge, LLC.