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Original School Girl Motor kits and essential history and diagrams

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SG Kit
Trifilar Coil (+$17.00)
SCR pulser circuit (+$6.00)
Top Spinner (+$12.00)
Aluminum rotor (+$75.00)
MJL21194 Transistor (+$5.00)
12V 5W LED bulb (+$5.00)
500ma DC Analog Panel Ammeter (+$6.00)
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Please note that there may be several more options added to this kit over the next 3 weeks until the meeting in Lansing where we will first show this kit demonstrated. All orders taken now will not be shipped until mid-August 2024. Options not yet listed can be added after. We have not yet determined exactly what other options will be actually part of the kit yet or if there will be actually two kits. There is a great deal of information and some other configuration that probably requires there to be two different kits.

See the following video for a look at three of the models that will be able to be made with this kit:

Except for the options all the below is included with this kit along with the the large book and other parts. The below models will be used with the same coil, rotor and frame interchangeably.
The kit will include the parts for the original SG motor as model 1. The optional Top Spinner can be compared as an identical system.
2. Also an assembled circuit board for the SSG (Simplified School Girl) Energizer where you have a charging battery. There is another part and is it's own system. included with the kit. showing how to easily modify existing parts to do this second battery charging process.
3. The third model is with a large reed switch and other parts to replace the transistor circuit. 
4. The fourth model is adding various processes to work towards making a self-running system as shown almost 20 years ago on the forums. Many details will be provided that very few people today know about, some of which was private. There will be a lot of instructions for doing detailed experimentation as was originally provided and will be updated and improved upon. This will be useful for schools and students continuing to win science fairs like the original school girl did. 

The rotor has three neo magnets and is also a significant flywheel having 6 half inch lead balls. The option for an aluminum rotor is the next best thing but the included rotor is fine for the experiments.
The circuit board has terminals for the transistor to be replaced for if people blow it out. 

1. An additional trifilar coil which has a secondary winding that is electrically isolated from the main circuit. The kit will come with a full bridge rectifier and these parts can be used to attempt the self-running system.
2. The SCR pulser circuit can be ordered to allow for battery rotation.
3. The original Top Spinner which was based upon a 1974 patent which is essentially the SG motor. See the above video. It runs off a 9v battery just like the SG as shown.
4. An aluminum rotor like our original SSG monopole kit.
5. Original MJL21194 transistor as used with the SSG kits.
6. 5W 12V bulbs as in the Resonance 2 kit.
7. 500ma DC Amp meter.

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