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10 Inch Brushless Fan Kit

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10" Fan Kit
Assembled with original hall triggering (+$25.00)
Assembled with 4 circuits and extra trigger coil (+$60.00)
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Fan by itself is rated at 24V. This fan is the type that can be taken apart and the circuit removed unlike most other DC fans. We were the first to create this and show how to do this back in 2005.

You use the internal circuity of the fan and add two diodes and wires without doing anything else so that this motor will continue to run exactly the same as before, but now you charge up a second battery for free. The benefit is that you can show people this amazing thing with before and after measurements. Also the motor self-starts.  You can have us assemble it this way for $25 more.

The second trigger coil option is now available. This replaces the entire circuit with 4 transistors and rewinds one coil to be a bifilar for self-triggering.

Air flow: 550.0 CFM (15.40m³/min) 

Power: 29W

RPM: 1640 RPM

Does not come with tools, glue, or solder. The supper lube is only added to the bearings of the assembled kits.

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