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6 Inch Renaissance Brushless Fan Energizer

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6 inch fan kit
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Ships early Oct 2021

6 Inch Brushless Fan Energizer

Introducing the Renaissance Energizer Fan where you charge a second battery while running a fan. The charging battery is in series with the input battery and it is not being charged by the input battery. The input battery is merely powering the motor. There are two outputs for one input. We were the first to show how to do this back in 2005 to over 200,000 people on US College campuses. 

Now for the first time we are doing the full process of unwinding one of the motor windings and rewinding as a bifilar coil (added trigger coil) and providing a four transistor circuit with protection. The trigger coil allows for free triggering and can produce, if properly loaded, an equal amount of load as the input battery puts into the system. The fan motor is what the input battery powers as one output equal to the input. The charging of the secondary battery can be also equal to the input energy (depending on the size and condition of the battery). This means that there are three outputs for one input. 

Additionally we have included the capacitor pulser in series with the charging battery to create a positive charging for battery rotation. The customer can bypass that or opt to have it not included if they wish to have the pure negative energy charging effect only.

The fan can run in either direction and is not self-starting. Input voltage is from 9-36V. Around 25W max.

Bishops lube is added to the bearings to give better performance and to prevent wear.

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