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Don Smith Resonance Energy Crafting Systematic Index Book

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Over 100 books received and many Thankyous:
I have been enjoying the Don Smith book very much, ThankYou for producing it. :)
Kindest regards, -Dann
A Valuable Book Worthy to have in Print.
This may be the most important book on energy ever published. Don Lee Smith came on the electrical energy scene in the early 1990s after a very active life in geology and teaching high school science. Videos and audio recordings of Don from 1994 to 2005 can be accessed through our YouTube channel playlist here. The book has the full transcripts of these important lectures. Many details missed by casual watching of the videos are now noticed because of these transcripts. The editor (Rick) realized that he missed at least 5% of what Don shared until he made these transcripts.

Lack of Progress and Disinformation over the last 10 years.
Since his death over 12 years ago there has been little profitable progress in online forums in replicating his various systems which is rather a mystery. We have watched the lack of progress with great dissapointment for some years now. About half of the information Don shared with the public relating to Resonance Sytems has been online for years and some of that information has been changed to create misinformation. The other half consists in material from his original publications as well as in the two oldest videos that we recently added to the above playlist. These videos actually provided the main context for his later videos and the information in the online book and documents floating around. This book fills in the gaps and provides the full context.

Don's friend Alex provided the Original Materials
A customer of ours named Alex, who was a friend of Don's, and who went to his meetings and even visited him in his home, provided us with the early copies of Don's books and handouts along with the original VHS videos. Alex has agreed to act as a witness to the authenticity of these items in this book and vidoes, and confirms that the pictures of Don's systems were seen in his home (we have other witnesses as well). This book will include Don's addressing Alex as a friend with Don's signature and other hand-written schematics not yet seen. 

What is in the Book?
This hardcover book is 510 8.5" x 11" pages long with color pages of various setups. There will be an Introduction including history and overview and additional important points not covered by Don. The book was delayed several months to add helpful schematics, illustrations, and helps to stress the most important points. It includes around 200 pages of original book material with many color pictures, many pages of transcripts of the videos, many pages of important emails, and editorial notes following that explain some mistakes made as well as some commentary and fuller reference citations. This will be followed by a simple systematic analysis of Don's system from beginning to end. Beyond these valuable contributions one of the main purposes is to make an extensive index of all the important words, idea's, people, and dates Don talked about in these publications. This gives the reader an exhaustive reference where they can consider what Don shared about a subject in several different places. We have found this to be very important as it is easy to pass over a point mentioned and when the same subject is enlarged upon in another place it is useful to see the bigger picture by considering it in a different context. The book will end with an extensive bibliography Don gave us as well as additional publications we found him referring to. Some of these will be existing online pdfs which are extremely helpful to see the full context of what he was talking about. 

Upcoming Resonance Convention in Nov 2018.
We have been doing conventions around the country since 2010 and have recently started to demonstrate Don Smith's ideas. The next Convention in Lansing in Nov 2018 will display these again with more content. We will have the book available by then. Don was "the real deal" despite all the disinformation floating around. 

The first place to start is the Resonance Induction Coupler Kit.
Don first stumbled upon these Resonance processes while teaching high school and demonstrating the Resonance Induction Coupler system teaching basic radio transmission. This lead him to learn about Tesla and master the technology some years later. Don recommended this kit as a starting point so we decided to make that kit available as an affordible testing tool that allows people to understand and demonstrate resonance processes. This kit can be found here. We have a larger coil set that can be added to this kit (which so far has only been available to people attending our meetings). The kit is important because most people studying free energy systems really do not understand resonance and have not really experienced the gains from it. It is also important because it is a safe kit to experiment with because we have made it so that it does not have really high voltage or amperage (well it can go up to 1300V). These kinds of resonant systems can have very high energy gains and can easily become dangerous. We have addressed that in the extensive first book that comes with the kit and will address it in this Don Smith book in more detail. 

Opening New Doors.
This book will open many doors for many people. We will attempt to make a course with it to help people progress though it as well as give access to a private forum where people can help each other progress. Additional kits will be soon added so that the reader can experience processes they learn about in the book. We will be adding the Resonance Kit coils to the upcoming Benitez induction coil system with battery rotating so that you don't have to order the coil a second time. 

Compliments the Motor Systems.
This information will compliment the motor energizer kits and can easily be applied to amplifying the various charging outputs (the motor charging output, the generator coil outputs and the emp coil outputs as mentioned in our third stage process) with resonant modules. A coil in the Resonance kit, or both in parallel, can be added with some resonant capacitors to run in series with our motors while producing an additional output.

Order out of Chaos.
We hope this book and these efforts will bring order to the existing chaos and give people the practical tools to learn how to use everyday parts all around them to provide for their energy needs. It is really that simple. The problem is getting past bias and disinformation. 

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