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Lead-Acid Battery Cap: Hydro Caps For T105 and L-16

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Renaissance Charge, LLC., used these caps in the Electric Porsche Vehicle. After over one year of daily use, no water was needed to be added.
You need three per 6V battery.

A Hydrocap is a catalytic gas recombiner than converts hydrogen and oxygen gasses into pure water. A catalyst is a substance which encourages other substances into chemical change without actually participating in that change, sort of a chemical ambassador. The process occurring in the Hydrocap is similar to that occurring in an automotive catalytic converter.

The Hydrocap replaces the regular cell cap. When the cell is gassing, the hydrogen and oxygen gasses are vented into the Hydrocap. Inside the Hydrocap, a catalyst of platinum and other platinum group metals recombine the gasses into pure water. This water is then dripped back into the cell. The Hydrocap recycles the water that the cell gives off as hydrogen and oxygen gasses. This eliminates the danger posed by the hydrogen gas and vastly reduces watering the cells. When the cell is gassing, some of the recharging energy is not being stored in the cell, but is breaking down water into its constituent elements- hydrogen and oxygen. Some of the energy used in the conversion of water into hydrogen and oxygen is retrieved by the Hydrocap. When the Hydrocap is operating it gets warm. This heat energy is a by product of the catalytic recombination of the hydrogen and oxygen back into water. While this may seem just an interesting aside, we found the Hydrocap's warmth very useful as an indicator of the cell's state of charge.

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