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RC-OS1000 Negative Energy Oscillator

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Introducing the 
RC-OS1000 Renaissance Charge Negative Energy Oscillator
This is an experimental product so user is fully responsible for misuse

The following video is for the mini version

This Oscillator can be used as a universal battery charger for 24 to 100V or higher (we cannot recommend charging lithium batteries even though it is physically possible). The output charging clips need to be always connected to a suitable load. A completely dead battery is not a suitable load, and you should only use this for attempting to restore such batteries at the lowest power level. You can also use RC-OS smaller version first. We have used this charger in our company since 2005 to restore batteries over weeks and months when the other chargers could not touch them. Approximately 5% of the 20% useless batteries that could not be restored have come back using this oscillator. 

The oscillator can be used in unconventional arrangements like the second and third stage process in the Selfish Circuits Loving Paths teaching.

This is the first larger versions of this type which can also be made as a heater system. 

To start: press the button once for less than half a second (may start on it's own when connected up and input is above 13 volts). Do not hold button down for longer than half a second.
To adjust power level: Turn knob counter-clockwise for lower power and clockwise for higher power levels.
Input: 110-125VAC (or 220-240VAC model) 1000VA
Output to 24-100V loads. 
Size: 12" x 12" x 8"
Weight: 45lbs

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