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Engine Protection Permafuse Bishops Oil Lube 32oz

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Quart sized Engine protection for larger engines.


HD Engine Protection Quart, for engines up to 6.7 liters.  For larger engines add at a 10% ratio to your oil volume.

Since 1975, this unique proven formula has been providing full-time protection and improved performance. Bishop's Oil proprietary formulation chemically bonds a micro-thin Permafused™ Lubricant film to all metal surfaces inside an engine. Bishop's Oil reacts only with PfL™ activated metal, leaving no build up that could change tolerances or alter oil flow. It is unequaled by modern day motor oils, synthetic lubricants, oil additives, moly or PTFE type engine treatments. The use of Bishop's Oil Permanent Engine Protection will not void manufacturer's engine warranty. This one-time use product protects and extends the life of your engine.

Bishop's Oil Permafuse Engine Protection is compatible with all crude based and synthetic based engine oils of all viscosities. For new and rebuilt engines: Do not use our Bishop's Oil Permafuse Engine Protection until you have reached at least 5,000 miles and the rings have seated (had a chance to form to the cylinder walls). For engines with 100,000 or more miles we suggest that you first use the Sludge Out  Bishop's Oil product. We recommend that you retreat with our Permafuse Engine Protection every 100,000 miles for vehicles that tow, do a lot of stop and go city driving or have not maintained regular scheduled services. Do not mix our product with another. If your engine has some other kind of treatment in it we recommend that you first change the fluids and then add our products. We strongly recommend that you keep up your manufacturers' maintenance program. Changing fluids regularly is the key to successful car maintenance.  

Overall Performance Benefits
Protects from Oil Shear, Oil Loss, Additive Breakdown, Acids, Dry Starts I
mproves Compression, Horsepower, Fuel Mileage, Engine Life, Cold Weather Starts 
Reduces Noise, Wear, Friction, Oil Consumption, Amp Draw, Idle Over heating, Corrosion

Directions for Permafuse Engine Protection: 
For engines up to 6.7 liters: Add Quart of Permafuse engine protection to your oil: at an oil change -or- if it has been less than 1,500 miles since your last oil change. Drive for at least 1,500 miles before your next oil change. You will start to notice a difference in your engine around 300 to 1,500 miles. Your car will run smoother, peppier and fuel consumption will drop, giving you more miles to the tank. 

CAUTION: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN Harmful if swallowed. Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after use.

* We can only ship these lubes to USA.

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