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Resonance Induction Coupler Kit part 2

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Resonance Kit 2
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Earth & Air Ground Open Circuits 
with Distributed Resonators set free from forced decaying oscillations.

This is the next addition to the Resonance Induction Coupler Kit (R.I.C.K.) that adds more parts downstream to make a testing bed to more safely learn how to make Don Smith magnetic resonance energy systems, specifically Earth Electrical System II. As such it is assumed that most people buying this kit will already have part I of these resonance kits as well as the Don Smith Index book which are essential materials to accomplish this goal.

This is deliberately limited for using a low voltage frequency generator (as option available) as the input so that 
1. You can better appreciate tuning and the significance of small changes, 
2. You can safely learn what is necessary without harming yourself as you can at the higher voltage and power levels.
[We include information and some optional parts for a high voltage input with spark gaps that allows for free oscillation gains.]

This Part 2 kit includes another sizeable book that has become more important than the parts supplied. Initially I was only planning on having very brief instructions to do some tests with the parts supplied. Now it has grown into an altogether different book of information which walks you through step by step the core Don Smith systems. Many people were hoping the Don Smith Index book would be more along those lines but my goal was merely to share everything he had given to the public (along with some private information). In this kit I walk you through and help you learn many things implied in what he shared and focus on various things that people don't usually take the time to understand.

Parts include a secondary coil that is enlarged from the Kit 1 coils and yet having the same inductance and length (it has both clockwise and counter-clockwise wound coils with center tap) that is supported with new risers that connect to either ends and additional risers that hold an inside tube that can be used for either L1 or L3 inductor to be wrapped around.  Different size wires cut to 1/4 and 1/2 wave lengths are included for L1 and L3 options. These can be wrapped around the tube inside L2 or around L2 with however many turns and in different places to learn how these relationships work. With less turns on the primary the voltage will be higher on L2 but will leave longer pigtails (ends of the wire not coiled) that are still part of the transmitter. The full length of the smaller wire can be wrapped around the secondary coil so that it has short pigtails as was shown in the first prototype and video. The above video shows another model showing fewer turns and long pigtails. The student is to learn the difference between these kinds of options. The risers allow for this to be modified fairly easy.

High voltage high frequency diodes are provided along with fixed capacitors and two variable capacitors that allow for tuning into a wide range of frequencies. We were demonstrating the kit running at 2.7Mhz at the meetings apart from the usual 1.29Mhz when using the 100pf fixed capacitor of the first Resonance kit. This kit can therefore still couple with the coils of the first kit. This second kit therefore shows how you can multiply many systems from one transmitter as we have shown with receiver coils only powering LEDs so far. That will be one purpose of the Don Smith Device 2 kit...

Oil-filled high voltage capacitors were initially an option that we no longer have available. They can be step-charged at the high frequency and discharged at lower frequency through a discharge circuit that has its own basic frequency generator and battery case (all of which are provided in the kit) that allows for lower-than-50hz to mid-kHz ranges for desired loads. From there a battery could be charged or a transformer primary could be pulsed as an inverter circuit. We are evaluating various transformers and oil capacitors at this time and are making them available on the website periodically as options when they are available. Presently no Oil caps or transformers have been included in this kit other than adding them as options.

The purpose of this kit is not to immediately power a home with this setup but to get a feel for the different parts of the entire system at a very low power level. However, some of the information provided in this kit will allow you to go on to do that. 
People need to separate the different sections of this system to properly understand them at each stage. We have observed thousands of people around the world fail in this respect. Don said to do this and even start from the back end and design to the front. You will understand why when you work with this. 

There is a lot of very practical information in this kit that we were not going to give until later. It will take till the end of November to evaluate everything we wish to include along these lines. The same thing happened with the first kit which ended up having 89 letter size pages with small print. While not as long the information in this kit will is extremely practical. We shared some of this very important information at the August Orlando meeting along with several demonstrations, and have done so again at the Elkhart meeting last October. This includes details about Don Smith electron cycling and proper grounding (all of which is in the Don Smith Index book directly stated, illustrated, or implied but we realized people just pass right over it).

This kit does not include various controls such as voltage suppression devices because they are application specific. You can use a screen cover and act as a Faraday shield as we showed at the last meeting. This can also be used as an air grounding for some of the new experiments we will show in the kit. There are other parts included that are not mentioned here. Also included is a bulb, a plastic board with rubber feet, some hardware. 

The kit is about 4 pounds unless other parts are added.

Included: Booklet with extensive grounding and related information beyond that which is necessary to make the following parts function, Plastic board, L2 with CW and CCW rotation winding matching single coil in Resonance Induction kit 1, wire for L1 or an L3, thicker wire for another L1 or L3, Tube for L1 or L3, 4 risers to hold coils, diodes, switching circuit, basic frequency generator with duty cycle for discharge switching and holder for its batteries, resonance capacitor for L2, two variable mica capacitors for L1 and/or L3, and other hardware.
Not Included: Frequency Generator, grounding cables, RF shielding screen or Faraday cage
Options: Resonance Kit 1, Don Smith Index book, Electroscope, Spark discharger
New optional parts for 8" diameter Tesla coil frame Don recommended, which is introduced in this book:
NO LONGER AVAILABLE: Transformers, Oil Capacitors, Frequency generators, Neon Sign Transformer "Unfortunately, due to the supply chain issues Ventex has had to resource raw materials and their prices have more than tripled since last year."

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