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VT1510-12 Bertonee NTS-112D5
VT1510-12 Bertonee NTS-112D5

VT1510-12 Neon Sign Transformer Kit (Formerly Bertonee NPS-12D5)

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VT1510-12 Transformer
4 100nf capacitors, 8 HF diodes, 4 Gas Discharge tubes [+$16.00]
Electroscope [+$20.00]
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VT1510-12 Neon Sign Transformer Kit 
Formerly Bertonee NPS-12D5

VT1510-12 Bertonee NPS-12D5 NTS

We are selling the replacement Neon Sign Transformer (NTS) that Don Smith used in several of his models, along with some instructions on how to do a few experiments with it. The product (VT1510-12 by Ventex) is shown in the top portion of the picture above, while the bottom picture shows the original Bertonee NPS-112D5. This is the only original Bertonee NST available from Ventex that doesn't have the ground fault protection in it (which is a problem for doing experiments with spark gaps). You can use this product according to the manufacturers recommendations or experiment at your own risk if you are a qualified technician. Such qualified experimenters can use this to learn about charging by induction from air and earth groundings where this NST acts as trigger to move such charges from such grounding to increasingly larger isolated conductive or capacitive objects. This kit is an option for the new Resonance Induction Coupler Kit 2 which focuses on this teaching. 

Included: 1 VT1510-12 Neon Sign Transformer and information about several experiments using it.
Optional: 4  100nf capacitors, 8 HF diodes, 4 Gas Discharge tubes for one experiment outlined in the provided info. Also a Differential electrometer electroscope to detect positive and negative charges.

Input Voltage11 to 14 VDC
Input Current600A rms (80%) 900A rms max.
Output Voltage0V-1,500V
Output Current15mA
Operating Temperature32ºF to 104ºF / 0ºC to 40ºC
Driving Distance*  (Based on Standard 12mm tube. Deduct one foot from driving footages for each pair of electrodes.)
Neon2-5 ft (0.6-1.5 m)
Mercury2-6 ft (0.6-1.8 m)

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